APOD supports Disaster Relief Australia's efforts to assist communities devastated by natural disasters.

APOD CEO Paul Broadbridge volunteers with Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) and recommends this highly rewarding experience as a volunteer.

February, 2023

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Read on to know more about Disaster Relief Australia and how to become a volunteer with them.

Disaster Relief Australia: disasters are our business; volunteers are our passion

Established in 2016 as a veteran-led not-for-profit Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) unites the skills, experience and expertise of Australian Defence Force veterans, emergency responders and civilians to deploy disaster relief teams domestically and around the globe to assist communities devastated by natural disasters.

DRA has deployed volunteers to more than 25 disaster relief operations throughout Australia. 2023 is the busiest year yet, with multiple recovery operations already underway in Victoria, NSW and now overseas in New Zealand.

Equipped with a unique and valuable skill set, DRA’s volunteers lead and deploy on operations to assist with clean up and repair in the aftermath of bushfires, floods, cyclones, and other natural disasters.

Disaster Relief Australia

Trained and working as an efficient team with a comprehensive mix of skills and in collaboration with emergency services, DRA volunteers support in all areas of disaster relief management. Capabilities include incident management, damage and impact assessment, aerial damage assessment and mapping, work order management, spontaneous volunteer management, debris management, home repair and resilience and capacity building.

Paul Broadbridge volunteers with DRA

You get to serve those in need, make a difference, and build a strong sense of mateship

APOD CEO, Paul Broadbridge, joined DRA as a volunteer in mid-2022, deploying to the flood-affected Northern Rivers Region of NSW. Paul commented that in volunteering, you get to serve those in need, make a difference, and build a strong sense of mateship with a like-minded group. Volunteering with DRA is a rewarding experience that he would highly recommend.

Disaster Relief Australia

DRA provides a unique, unrivalled, and unforgettable team experience for anyone who joins. Its large contingent of veteran volunteers continues to be the bedrock of the organisation and its operations as it continues to draw on the valuable experience and expertise of volunteers while providing them with an opportunity to continue to serve communities.

With more than 2,500 volunteers, its people are DRA’s greatest asset as its membership, capability and capacity as an organisation continues to grow. With nine Disaster Relief Teams (DRTs) Australia-wide and more planned demand for DRA’s specialist support and skills is increasing.

DRA is ready to recruit, train, support and encourage its volunteers, whether they be veterans, first responders or civilians who want to make a real difference in the lives of others.

DRA provides full volunteer training in numerous skills, such as first aid, chainsaw training and 4x4 driving.

Disaster Relief Australia

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and making a difference when disaster strikes, providing practical help to communities in need, learning new skills and being part of a fantastic team, or wish to learn more about DRA and the difference you could make as a DRA volunteer visit https://disasterreliefaus.org