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At APOD, we're not just paying lip service to a mission. We are taking concrete action to tackle the real-world employment challenges veterans and veteran families or just military families face.
Our initiative serves as a bridge, linking the defence and veteran community to a wide range of employers who are eager to tap into their unparalleled skills, discipline, and work ethic.
With a dynamic member base of over 170,000 veteran, defence spouses, veteran spouses, and military families, we've created an opportunity for employers to directly reach the veteran community. This approach exponentially expands the scope of opportunities, ensuring multiple pathways to fulfilling careers in the civilian world.


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Becoming an APOD member is about more than joining a community. It's about embracing a world of limitless possibilities.
We understand firsthand the unique challenges of employment on military life, whether that be the defence member transitioning out, a veteran finding their next career, or supporting partners finding employers that understand their value and offer flexibility around defence life. We’ve taken our team's lived experience, and the feedback from our community and have put in place a solution that we believe makes the journey smoother.
With APOD, you gain exclusive access to a diverse network of employers who are actively seeking the specialised skills, discipline, and work ethic that veterans bring to the table. Our expansive network spans various industries, providing you with pathways to secure meaningful and fulfilling employment.
With a member base of well over 170,000 like-minded veterans, and veterans families, you're not just joining an organisation - you're becoming part of an organisation built to serve our members.
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Constructing an employment platform for defence and their family

APOD exists to recognise those who serve. We understand that when one person serves, their whole family serves.
Serving Defence Members
Includes current serving military personnel from any service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Reserves and Allied Forces.
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Veterans & Former Defence
Includes all former serving military personnel including veterans, reservists and allied forces, from any period of service, inlcuding peacetime.
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Immediate Family
Includes partners, parents, siblings and children of eligible members, whether living or deceased.
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If you are a current or former defence member, reservist, veteran, allied military personnel or an immediate family member, we recognise the unique nature of your sacrifice in service to your country and welcome you to join APOD, which was created exclusively for you
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