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Collaborate with APOD to amplify our collective impact on the community.
Engage with APOD by becoming a Veteran Support Partner, ensuring we stay closely connected to achieve our shared objectives in supporting the defence and veteran community. Our collaboration aims to maintain a dynamic network with access to over 170,000 veterans, fostering support and recognition for each veteran and their family.

Let's stay in touch and work together, combining our strengths and dedication to make a lasting impact in the lives of those who've served, and their families.


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Understanding Veteran Support Organisations
A Veteran Support Organisation (VSO) is an entity dedicated to providing essential services and assistance to veterans and their families.
Veteran Support Organisations (VSOs) are crucial in providing the necessary support and services that veterans and their families need.
These organisations are instrumental in addressing key areas such as mental health support, job placement, educational opportunities, and fostering social connections.
The goal of VSOs is to ensure that veterans and their families receive comprehensive care, respect, and the support they need to thrive following service life.
Linking your VSO with APOD gives you access to a network of support, boosting your services to the veteran community.
Why Connect with APOD?
Connecting with APOD offers direct advantages for your Veteran Support Organisation (VSO), centered around achieving your goals and enhancing your impact within the veteran community. Here are the compelling reasons to engage with us:
Partnering with APOD enables your organisation to extend its reach within the veteran community by connecting with over 170,000 members, helping you to achieve your mission and organisational objectives more effectively.
Establish open lines of communication with APOD, creating opportunities to work together towards mutual objectives and shared visions for supporting veteran families.
Gain unique opportunities to promote your VSO directly to our members, offering a digital platform to highlight your services, initiatives, and impact.
By joining APOD, you'll broaden your network and build stronger relationships within a wider community, contributing to a more cohesive and supportive ecosystem for veterans.

Our partnership is not just about reaching a larger audience, it’s about engaging in meaningful collaborations that align with our shared goals of supporting and uplifting the veteran community.

Join us to make a difference in the lives of those who have served, through a combined effort that amplifies our collective impact.

About Australian Partners of Defence

About Australian Partners of Defence

Founded in 2012, APOD is a uniquely Australian initiative designed to offer more than just everyday savings to Defence families. Created by veteran families for veteran families, we negotiate exclusive benefits and recognition for our members–ranging from savings on everyday shopping to job resources for veterans.

Our platform doesn’t just list discounts; we’re also stepping into the veteran employment sector. We aim to be a comprehensive resource for veteran job listings and military job opportunities. In short, when we talk about financial wellbeing, we see it holistically and employment is a major part of financial wellbeing.

APOD is a for purpose Australian Owned organisation created by veteran families, for veteran families.
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