Australian businesses invited to show support to veterans

RELEASED: 3 November 2019

Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) is inviting businesses around Australia to show their appreciation to Australian Defence Force veterans by registering with the organisation that delivers a comprehensive range of exclusive offers to Australian Veteran Card and DVA Health Card holders.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel Darren Chester today announced a partnership between APOD and the Australian Government through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as part of the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant which serves to recognise and acknowledge the unique nature of military service and the contribution of veterans and their families. APOD was founded in 2012 and delivers over 5,300 offers on behalf of over 3,600 corporate partners from the retail, automotive, entertainment, dining, travel, tourism, and other sectors. Under the partnership, Australian Veteran Card holders now have free access to the range of benefits and deals on offer which can be redeemed through registration with APOD and presentation of the relevant barcode to participating businesses at the point-of-sale.

APOD founder Rebecca Waller described the development as a massive boost for the initiative she began seven years ago to honour the sacrifices made by veterans and their families.

“A lot of hard work and long hours have gone into growing the number of businesses participating in this initiative. It’s certainly been a labour of love,” explained Ms Waller, who established APOD as the wife of a serving defence member.

With over 600,000 veterans potentially eligible for the Veteran Card, Rebecca Waller believes that membership of APOD will grow significantly but that it’s up to the Australian business community to get behind the initiative and show their support to those who have served their country.

We have made it really easy for businesses to get involved and put their gratitude on display by developing special offers for defence veterans and their families,” Ms Waller explained.

Ms Waller said that APOD is a win-win for businesses and veterans.

“Unlike similar initiatives, there is no charge for businesses to get involved as partners of APOD and they get to promote their brands, products and services to a large audience. There is everything to gain from getting involved,” stated Ms Waller.

“The benefit with APOD is that veterans don’t have to go searching for businesses that support them and organisations don’t have to spend time and resources trying to reach them either,” explained Ms Waller.

Mr Chester said the partnership would give Australian business owners a way to say ‘thank you for your service’.

“We are proud to be partnering with APOD to ensure veterans can easily find local businesses in their area that are showing that respect and recognition of their service,” Mr Chester said.

APOD was founded in 2012 by veteran families for veteran families. Eligible Australian Defence Force personnel, reservists, allied forces and the immediate family members of Veteran Card holders are also entitled to APOD’s benefits for a nominal monthly subscription fee.

“The range of offers we have secured to date is very comprehensive and with government’s support it’s only going to get better. It brings me great joy to know that veterans and their families can benefit from this program daily, and I hope that every time they do, they are reminded of their country’s gratitude,” added Ms Waller.

“We have established a thriving platform in the seven years we have been in operation and we are delighted to be such an important part of the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant.”

Ms Waller believes that federal government endorsement will add value to the ongoing process of attracting business partners to ensure the sustainability and further development of the program.

“With APOD now being part of the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant, it has been empowered to reach its full potential and make a difference to the lives of veterans across the country,” explained Ms Waller “We have worked hard to on-board as many corporate partners as possible to support the initiative – Caltex being a recent example,” added Ms Waller.

Shaun Komalla, Caltex Business Manager said that Caltex is pleased to work with Department of Veterans Affairs and APOD to support the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant.

“We recognise and acknowledge the unique nature of military service and the contribution of veterans and their families to Australia,” explained Mr Komalla.

“Under the Covenant, Caltex is offering a five cents per Litre discount from our listed fuel prices at participating stores to veterans and their families. This discount can be accessed at any Caltex Star Mart or The Foodary once veterans have registered with APOD.”

“Caltex has been working with APOD to ensure this discount is as easy as possible for veterans and their families to access and to ensure that cost of living pressures can be eased in a material way. We hope Caltex’s participation with the Covenant encourages other business large and small to participate,” added Mr Komalla.

“We invite corporates, retail brands and service providers who are supportive of defence veterans to contact APOD,” stated Ms Waller.