APOD in Townsville

The APOD team were in Townsville earlier this month to participate in the ADF Member and Family Transition Seminar, and engage with the local community.

June, 2022

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ADF Member and Family Transition Seminar

Luke and Wesley from APOD at the APOD booth

The Townsville Defence Transition Seminar was a great success for APOD. The Seminar was held on 8th June ’22 at Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre. We were happy to meet with many visitors to the APOD booth, some of them included:

  • Members who enquired about the benefits of APOD and the types of offers and discounts that where available,
  • Members who signed up to APOD after a brief talk around the benefits of being a member,
  • An APOD member from RSL QLD spoke to us about liaising with them to do possible video information sessions for their members,
  • An APOD member who was the OPSO at 10FSB will contact us to possibly look at information sessions for his unit,
  • Veteran Owned Businesses that wanted to sign up as business partners,
  • Members informed us that they often use APOD especially the Gift Cards on a regular basis and absolutely love the offers that we have,
  • Rehab consultants from the RAAF base were provided with information so that they were better informed as to the benefits of being APOD member,
  • APOD members who have signed up but never used APOD before were given a tour of how it works. They then indicated that they would start using their membership moving forward.

APOD booth at the ADF Member and Family Transition Seminar

Wesley and Luke from APOD with Myf from Prince’s Trust Australia
Wesley and Luke with Myf from Prince’s Trust Australia at the Seminar.

APOD in the local community

Wesley with The Oasis Townsville team

The APOD team met with Angie and Tara from The Oasis Townsville. Both teams discussed opportunities for further engagements and facilitating connections with businesses and the defence and veteran community in Townsville. We look forward to working together to recognise those who serve.

Wesley with Todd and Adam from DFR

Meeting with Flight lieutenant Todd Skipper and Adam Lambert, Area Manager in Townsville for Defence Force Recruiting. We discussed the idea of APOD providing DFR with information on APOD and its benefits to give to Veterans’ and their families at the point of entry upon joining the Military. We left some handouts with Adam and his staff and will look to send more to them. Adam is going to reach out to his DFR counterparts in other states to help us liaise with them in replicating what we do in Townsville.

Wesley and Luke with Paul from Cates Chemist

Meet and greet with Paul Willis from Cates Chemist, one of our veteran owned business partners. Paul is a member of The Veterans Business Alliance (VBA) in Townsville and is keen to work with us to provide support at their monthly meetings.

APOD and Carmichael Ford

It was great to catch up with our local business partners - Gary Lewis and Tony Mellor from Carmichael Ford. Discussion was had around how our members were engaging with their current offer and how we could create further engagement with the offer.

The APOD Team also met with other businesses owners in the area such as Shaun and Sarah from the Anelay, 70 The Strand, Townsville; The Ville; Shop Six Pasta Bar.

Overall, the Townsville trip proved a great success, with a lot of great engagement coming from it for us. We look forward to reaching out for more exciting opportunities ahead!

For feedback, please call us on 1300 00 APOD (2763) or lodge a ticket here: https://apod.zendesk.com/hc/en-au/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001755074