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  • The brand synonymous with style and ingenuity in computer and mobile technology.
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    Exclusive savings from Apple & free delivery Australia-wide
    Terms and Conditions:

    Only available through the online Apple EPP store. The option to use this as a voucher is not available through this offer. Purchases are to be made via the URL link or phone number provided. Click the redeem link for full details.

    Employees can purchase or sponsor up to 3 computer systems, 3 iPads and 10 iPod devices per calendar year, as well as software and peripherals. Please identify yourself as an eligible participant purchasing from the Apple Employee/Member program, and remember to request your EPP preferred pricing when call Apple. Promotion details are listed on your store site. Terms and conditions apply. iPhone is not eligible for preferred pricing. TM and copy right _ 2012 Apple Pty Ltd PO Box A2629, South Sydney SNW 1235, ABN 46 002 510 054. Tel

    Now available to APOD members in addition to current serving members via their service number. 

    Apple (Australia) and APOD brings you a special program. To purchase Apple products at the pre- discounted rate, you must use go through the Australian Partners of Defence EPP store at Apple as per the link provided.

    As an APOD member you qualify for a preferred pricing on the latest Apple products and accessories.

    With this offer you receive:

    • Special pricing on Apple products
    • Complementary shipping on all orders
    • FREE engraving on all new iPod and iPad models
    • Mac customisation
    • Rating and reviews on accessories and software.

    The Apple EPP discount is up to 17% depending on the product. Discounts applicable are as follows:

    • iPad 2% plus free engraving
    • 3rd party products up to 4%
    • iPod 6% plus free engraving
    • iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air 6%
    • MacBook Pro 6-8%
    • Mac Pro, Displays, Apple accessories 8%
    • AppleCare 12%
    • Apple software 17%
    • Free shipping on all orders 
    • Please note there is no discount on iPhone and iPad mini's

    Important to note : The discount is included in the price listed on our EPP store website page. Please make sure you are in your EPP online store to receive the discount.  If you click on any of the tabs at the top of the EPP store, they will take you out of the EPP store and to that new site.  If they then click on the "Store" tab, they will be taken back to the consumer Apple online store and not the EPP store. APOD members should use the back button or click on their EPP store link to enter their EPP store.

    Apple support telesales department knows us as "Australian Partners of Defence" so please if you do have any issues with your purchase please refer to our full name when speaking with them directly.

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